👋 I'm That Bot.

A fast Discord bot, made for the 21st century!

Welcome messages and joinrole

Give your users a warm welcome by enabling welcome messages, and give them a super cool role right after they join.

Easy setup

Invite the bot and run %setup, it's as easy as that. If you want to set the bot up from inside your browser you can head over to the web dashboard.

Custom Prefix

You can give the bot a different prefix in your server by running %prefix {prefix} and boom.


[] = Not required argument, {} = required argument

  • Command Usage
    %setup Gives you a setup wizard to set the bot up.
    %prefix {prefix} Changes the bot's prefix.
    %ping Gets the bot's latency.
    %genpw Generates a secure password.
    %pfp [@user] Gets a user's profile picture, if you don't specify a user it will get your profile picture.
    %add {number1} {number2} Adds 2 numbers together.
    %multiply {number1} {number2} Multiplies 2 numbers.
    %serverinfo Gets some info of the server.
    %info [@user] Gets the info of a user, if you don't specify a user it will get your info.
    %botinfo Gets the bot's stats and info.
    %invite Gives you an invite link.
    %poll {text} Makes a poll. (get a more advanced poll by doing %poll {text} {option1} {option 2}, up to 20 options).
  • Command Usage
    %murder {@user} Murders the specified user, if you don't specify a user you will commit suicide.
    %heal {@user} Heals the specified user, if you don't specify a user you will heal yourself I guess.
    %8ball {text} Gives a response like an 8ball.
    %ship {name1} {name2} Matchmaking. ❤️
    %meme Displays a random meme from r/memes.
    %dankmeme Displays a random dank meme from r/dankmemes.
  • Command Usage
    %join and %connect Connect to voice.
    %now_playing, %np, current, currentsong, and %playing Display information about the currently playing song.
    %pause and %pa Pause the currently playing song.
    %play {song}, %p {song}, %pl {song}, and %sing {song} Request a song and add it to the queue.
    %queue, %q, and %playlist Retrieve a basic queue of upcoming songs.
    %resume and %r Resume the currently paused song.
    %skip, %s, and %sk Skip the song.
    %stop, %dis, and %disconnect Stop the currently playing song and destroy the player.
    %volume {number between 1-100} and %vol {number between 1-100} Change the player volume.
  • Command Usage
    %dog Gets a dog image.
    %cat Gets a cat image.
    %skin {Minecraft Username} Renders a minecraft skin.
    %head {Minecraft Username} Renders a minecraft head.
    %hypixel {Minecraft Username} {option} Displays the user's Hypixel stats. (the options are: rank, level, karma and twitter)
    %minecraft {ip} Gives information about the specified Minecraft server.
    %youtube {username} Displays the YouTube subscriber count of the channel specified.
  • Command Usage
    %kick {@user} [reason] Kicks a member.
    %ban {@user} [reason] Bans a member.
    %unban {@user} Unbans a user.
    %warn {@user} [reason] Warns a member.
    %mute {@user} Mutes a member.
    %clear {amount} Clears the amount of messages that you specified.